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Most Home and Guest House/Office Furnishings and limited Artwork are available at an additional cost. 

A turn-key, ready to move-in delivery including linens and dishes is possible.

Some of the Farm Equipment are also available at an additional cost:

- John Deere 5400 60hp, 12 Speed, Tractor with 4WD and 3 Point Hitch - less than 1,500 hours

- Front End Loader 73", 6' Rotary Cutter Field Mower and Fertilizer Spreader for Tractor

- Flat bed trailer - dual axle

- Two horse aluminum horse trailer

- Hay Elevator - Electric

- 2 Manure Spreaders, ground drives

- Chain Harrow, Air Compressor, Lawn Equipment

-  Most of the miscellaneous tools and most small and larger horse related items, like portable fence panels, extra gates, buckets and feed tubs.

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